3 Methods for battling burnout in veterinary medicine

In a recent interview with dvm360®, Dr. Quincy Hawley his 3 top strategies veterinarians can use to prevent burnout and prioritize their personal needs.

According to Quincy Hawley, DVM, co-founder of GetMotiVETed, avoiding burnout can be different for each veterinarian. In a dvm360® interview, Hawley identified 3 methods with which every professional can structure their fight against burnout, starting with prioritizing and focusing on your personal needs.

“Number 1” [method for fighting burnout] is introspection, the ability to be aware of yourself and what is filling you and what is exhausting, ”Hawley explained to the dvm360® staff.

“Spend time – be it an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or a week – doing a process of self-discovery because [avoiding burnout] can be different for me than for a [another] Veterinarian, ”he continued.

Hawley then shared that another key component in fighting burnout is not just understanding when to say no, but also when to say yes.

“I’m trying to say yes to the things that make me alive as a person and as a veterinarian,” said Hawley. “And I try to say no to more of the things that exhaust me, irritate me, or just make me feel really exhausted.”

To learn more about fighting burnout, read the full interview below.

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