19 cats left exterior Michiana Humane Society in a single day

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (WNDU) – Nineteen cats seek a second home after someone abandoned them overnight in front of the Michiana Humane Society in Michigan City.

“My lead kennel technician David arrived at the shelter around 7:30 this morning and discovered four large cages that were left outside overnight,” says managing director Johanna Humbert.

A notepad with the description and characteristics of each cat was also left behind.

“The notebook had a note from someone explaining that they can no longer take care of their cats, that they have gotten into bad times and in poor health, and that they left them with us so they could have a second chance.” says Humbert.

According to Humbert, the shelter is in the process of medically treating any cat, all of which will likely need additional care and space.

“We didn’t know 20 cats, 19 cats would show up today. We don’t really have cage space for everyone, ”said Humbert.

Additionally, Humbert says that immediate care to the shelter may not be enough to get every cat what it needs without the help of the community.

“They will all need medical care, they will all have to be neutered and neutered. We’re looking at easily over $ 1000 in costs that we received this morning for leaving them here, ”says Humbert.

Humbert says her goal is to find a way to fund additional expenses for each cat.

“The additional cost is a surprise, and any donations we are receiving today can be used specifically for the cats, and that would be the most immediately helpful thing,” says Humbert.

According to Humbert, at least half of the cats found outside the shelter on Sunday will be brought to the rescue of cats on Monday.

The rest of the cats will become part of the shelter program once they are healthy and will be available for adoption in about a month.

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