15 items that are guaranteed to satisfy the neediest dog or cat

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You can buy gifts for your bae. You can buy gifts for your mother and father. You can even buy gifts for your children. But there is something else that you feel when you buy something fun and new for your pet.

We don’t even have to go into why people have different feelings about their furry roommates. But you know very well that it is true. Instead of turning into psychoanalysis, simply turn into the skid and get something fun and new for your dog or cat as part of this offer.

We even help you by saving you an additional 15 percent on your total amount during the current half-year sales. Simply enter the code ANNUAL15 when purchasing and you will receive this additional discount on all these already reduced cat and dog accessories.

“The Fat Cat” cat backpack – $ 101.99 by code ANNUAL15; originally $ 199

You can easily buckle up a leash with your dog. But what if you want to take your cat out on the street? That bag, that’s something. Simply invite your cat up to 20 lbs in weight and let the world take in the world through The Fat Cat’s ample ventilation and clear plastic windows. You get a trip in luxury, you bump your home on your pocket. It’s a fair trade.

My Pet Kit Allergy Test – $ 59.49 by code ANNUAL15; originally $ 99

Just take this simple test and you will get a full report on 100+ different intolerances and sensitivities your pet may suffer from that you never knew existed. From food and environmental irritants to products that could make your pet sick, this test could get to the bottom of the itching, poor digestion, and other problems your cat or dog is now showing.

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test – $ 42.50 using code ANNUAL15; originally $ 79

Simply swipe the DNA My Dog Applicator on your dog’s cheek, wrap it up, and mail it in for your results. About two weeks later, you will receive a detailed breakdown of your dog, a dog biography that will reveal everything you did not know about your pooch’s exact genetic makeup. Now you will understand the potential genetic health problems, the diseases your breed might be prone to, and all of the personality and behavioral traits that are inherent in your dog’s genes.

Basepaw’s Breed and Health DNA Test: Cat Genetics Test at Home – $ 109.65 by Code ANNUAL15; originally $ 149

If it works for your dog, why not check your cat’s true back history too? Mail the sample and within a few weeks a detailed report detailing everything your cat’s genes say about its breed, general health, personality traits and habits. This report is checked against the largest cat DNA database in the world and can determine the specific breed composition of your cat from 21 different breeds and across four breed regions.

Wicked Ball Interactive Toy for Cats – $ 41.65 by code ANNUAL15; originally $ 49

Pets get scared when you’re not around. The Wicked Ball tries to combat this loneliness and boredom in both dogs ($ 36.51 under code ANNUAL15; originally $ 49) and cats with its interactive antics. Sponsored by Indiegogo and Kickstarter fans, Wicked Ball offers three different interactive game settings that will keep your dog and cat occupied and entertained while efficiently balancing short play times with more relaxing rest periods.

Wickedbone Smart Interactive Dog Toy – $ 59.46 after code ANNUAL15; originally $ 99

As for the wickedbone, this bone-shaped interactive dog play device bounces, bounces and swings through 9 different interactive modes to keep your dog stimulated and excited. It also synchronizes with your smartphone, which you can use as a virtual joystick to put the Wickedbone through its paces remotely.

EZ-PET Smart Programmable Automatic Feeder – $ 67.99 by code ANNUAL15; originally $ 99

Since you can’t always be there, this automatic feeder ensures that you are always present in your pet’s life. Programmed directly from your smartphone, this dispenser will distribute a meal or treat for your pet even when you are not at home. A recording of your voice will even play during feeding so your pet will always know you are thinking about them.

Cat and Dog Food Dispenser Cups – $ 15.29 per code ANNUAL15; originally $ 36

This is exactly what your pet needs … brain teasers! Inside this dispenser is a makeshift maze – and if your pet properly nudges, shakes, or otherwise maneuvers this feeder, it will be rewarded with a delicious treat. With three different levels of difficulty, you can challenge your pet and maybe even make it a little bit smarter.

Cheerble Board Game: All-in-one interactive cat toy – $ 66.30 after code ANNUAL15; originally $ 78

First, you release the cheerbie ball, a synthetic fiber ball with a computer brain inside that is designed to grab your cat’s attention. Then you drop the ball into the cheerbie board game, a game board full of spaces and holes and edges and strange angles for your cat to guess how the ball is racing through this breathtaking landscape. Fun for your cat – and you.

KittySpring Water Fountain for Cats – $ 33.15 using code ANNUAL15; originally $ 39

You may not realize it, but your cat’s whiskers can tell when the water is stale and stagnant. The KittySpring water fountain is centered around a flat, wide bowl of water, a feat of engineering that allows your cat to drink and stay hydrated without their whiskers running uncomfortably over the water and causing stress.


5Strands Pet Food and Environmental Intolerance Test – $ 114.74 under code ANNUAL15; originally $ 148

Collect a hair sample, send it in, and 5Strands uses bioresonance testing to create an easy-to-understand report on how your pet is organically handling up to 355 of the most common pet food ingredients and environmental items. From proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits, fats, seafood, additives and preservatives to fabrics, detergents, grasses, trees, mold and more, this test explains everything in your home that could be giving your pet a rough time.

Meadowlark Dog Seat Cover with Mesh Window – $ 45.89 after code ANNUAL15; originally $ 57

This cover made of durable, non-slip rubber fabric is like a safe protective cocoon for your dog when he is in the car. The covers can be attached to the upholstery in seconds with practical seat anchors, hooks and loops as well as four layers of double seams and additional thickness, which not only supports and protects your dog, but also supports and protects your bench covers from damage by pets.

Heated Dog Bed Mattress with Removable Heating Pad – $ 144.49 per code ANNUAL15; originally $ 199

This mattress is equipped with patented heating technology and contains an “M” -shaped heating pad that ensures that your dog stays warm during the coldest winter months. You can even regulate this heat with three separate temperature settings. In fact, this dog bed is so smart that it has a built-in power bank that can charge a smartphone – presumably yours. Not your dog’s.

Educational Interactive Cat and Dog Food Ball – $ 38.21 using code ANNUAL15; originally $ 59

Made from high-quality ABS and PC material, pet parents fill the ball with their pet’s favorite treats. The bright colors grab your pet’s attention while their nudging, pushing, and smacking the treats get the treats through the ball so they can be spent on a good job.