15 Greatest Cat Toys 2021

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If you can’t stop by the pet store to refill a feed or litter without an adorable toy or two in your cart, we understand. There’s nothing like watching your kitten roll around on the floor with his favorite toy and how that tail twitches when you take a new cat toy out of the package.

But cat toys aren’t all fun for Fluffy. They are actually good for cat health. Veterinarians say that there are several very real benefits to cat play. First, regular walking around the house instead of sleeping away every moment can help them maintain a healthy weight. This, in turn, can help them live longer and keep chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes at bay. The game also keeps them mentally sharp. Just like people who do crossword puzzles or sudoku to calm their brains, the puzzle stimulates the cats’ thoughts and prevents boredom, which also increases their mood.

Besides, playing with your pet can also improve your bonding. Whether you’re dangling a feather toy, tossing a catnip mouse around the room, or setting up an obstacle course for cats (yes, there are!), Engaging with your pet strengthens your relationship, which can even result in more behaved pets can. If you’re convinced, check out our list of the top rated cat toys below – and share your favorites in the comments! Do you also have a dog? We also have recommendations for the best dog toys you can buy.

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Cat toy starter pack


$ 10.95

If you’ve just brought a new friend home, greet them with a starter pack with lots of variety. With a tunnel to hide in, a dangling wand, balls, feathers and mice, this set of 24 toys gives your cat plenty of options for figuring out what types of toys they prefer.

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Covert motion cat toy

For the tech-savvy cat, try a hidden movement toy that will encourage them to fall and play. Just turn it on and let colored lights and a fluffy wand make your cat dance. It’s great for independent playtime and has adjustable speeds so you can adjust it to suit your pet’s agility.


Three tier role cat toy


$ 17.00

Interactive puzzle toys like this one will usually keep your cat busy longer than less engaged catnip mice or bell balls, which can reduce the destruction from boredom. The movement of the balls mimics the prey, so kittens and older cats will love to chase them.


Electric fluttering rotating cat teaser

For cats who love to play with feather bars, set up this automatic flutter toy to keep them busy. The brightly colored butterflies spin sporadically, encouraging them to hit and hunt them. It also comes with spare butterflies just in case they catch and crush you.


Best catnip toy

Refillable catnip cat toy


$ 3.97

Catnip toys are classic for a reason: almost every cat loves them. Most cats will be excited when they smell the catnip and chase around, and then cuddle the stuffed animal delightfully when they get tired. These refillable versions come in fluffy mouse and koala designs. The catnip is made without the addition of chemicals or pesticides.


Electric moving interactive fish toy

Pot aroma

$ 15.99

This realistic looking fish toy will wobble and flop when you turn it on, enticing your cat into chasing and catching it. It also comes with a catnip pouch for added gaming incentives and is USB charged so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.


Best spring stick cat toy

Interactive cat feather stick

Give your cat the much needed exercise by dangling colorful feathers for them to track. The retractable wand adapts to larger or narrower spaces and comes with a number of spring bundles to keep things interesting.


Wool felt ball toy for cats

Earth tone solutions

$ 11.33

These low-fi felt ball toys are great for those who don’t like loud or electronic toys. They’re also pretty enough that you might not mind if your little furry angel leaves them all over the living room.


Collapsible cat scraper and lounger with toys


$ 37.99

For small spaces, use this collapsible corrugated cardboard lounger that doubles as a scratching post. It comes with a chime attached to get them engaged. You can also change the shape of the toy so it doesn’t get tired over time.

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Swimming robot fish with LED lights

BlackHole Litter Mat

$ 15.99

Give your cat a fun stimulus (and keep them from chasing birds and squirrels) outdoors with these colorful electronic swim fish. Just turn them on, put them in a bowl of water, and let your cat beat them around. They also shine for extra commitment.


Automatic, interactive laser cat toy


$ 25.00

Many cats (and even some dogs) love to hunt laser pointers. If you’re one of them, get them this automatic laser toy that they can track without you. The light moves randomly across the floor for 15 minutes so that your cat doesn’t become overexcited and you don’t have to remember to turn it off again.


Interactive cat toy for robots


$ 34.90

Prevent your cat from chasing after your robotic vacuum by giving them another animal to follow. These rolling toys work on carpet, tile, and wood floors, and move around much like natural prey. The kit also includes multiple attachments so your cat can play with a crinkle ball one day, a ribbon the other, and a feather the next to keep it from getting tired.


Colorful feathers cat toy

Ethical pet

$ 3.97

If you need a gift for your kitten, look no further. Cats love the jumping motion of these colorful feathers when you toss them across the floor.


Bite resistant catnip toy


$ 9.99

Many cheaper catnip toys fall apart quickly, especially if your kitten is using them for teething or if your adult cat is very excited while playing. Due to their sturdier fabric, these bite-resistant catnip toys will last longer and come in a pack of 5 so you can replace each one when it wears out.


Windmill cat toy with catnip ball and massage center


Try this windmill cat toy for a one-of-a-kind toy that can really do everything. It will spin when your cat hits the glowing balls to encourage them to keep playing, and comes with catnip to keep them even more interested. The base has a suction cup that you can attach to the floor or wall for stability. The knobbly center can act as a massager or chew toy to clean your cat’s teeth as well.

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