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Why cats have to play

Whether with an old cardboard box or tiny toys that look like mice, most cats love to play. And while gaming is always fun, it is necessary for your mental and physical health too. “Cats are very predatory hunters by nature, so we want to give them opportunities for natural behaviors like hunting,” says Mikel Delgado, PhD, certified animal behavior researcher and expert in feline behavior at Rover. “We also want to make sure they are exercising so they don’t get overweight and sedentary.” This is where the best cat toys come in.

Incorporating some fun products into your kitty’s regular playtime can also improve common behavior problems in cats and even reduce anxiety in cats. “A bored cat is more likely to get into trouble,” says Delgado. “Exercise also has stress-reducing properties for cats, just as it does for us.”

We have put together the best cat toys to help keep your cat’s mind and body fit. According to experts and online reviewers, they are quickly becoming the pet products you cannot live without. An important tip: to get the most out of each toy, Delgado recommends replacing them every week so that your kitten always feels a sense of novelty. Do you also have a dog? Get this indestructible dog toy that will withstand even the most serious of crouchers.

Hexbug Nano robotic cat toy

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Hexbug Nano robotic cat toy

If you’ve ever bought an automatic toy for your cat, you know they can be hit or missed. In many cases, they can be loud or jerky and scare your cat away. The hexbug is neither, says Delgado. “It’s calm and not threatening, so a lot of cats like it,” she explains. The toy moves across the floor like a beetle, pulling a small spring behind it. Turn it on a few times a day for five minutes and watch your cat go wild. You definitely don’t have to wonder if your cat is happy when this happens! Note: This toy only works on hard floors, not carpet.


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