12 Vegetation Secure for Cats

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It always seems like a good idea to fill your house with vibrant greens and flowers … until you remember that you have a very curious cat that is running amok. Your furry family member has the option to poke their head into everyone’s business. Hence, it is important to buy plants that are completely safe for cats (although they are never recommended), especially if your cat has been shown to nibble on everything. Fortunately, there are tons of cat-friendly, non-toxic houseplants out there, which means if they decide to add one of their leaves to their midday snack, you don’t have to worry.

Shop right from this list to find hassle-free houseplants that are not rated safe for your cats by the ASPCA, but also beautiful, air-purifying accents that will liven up your bathroom, office, living room, or any other room in your home. A bonus: some of these houseplants are also non-toxic to dogs, so you can rest assured that you are doing everything possible to keep your entire fur family happy and healthy.

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Peperomia Obtusifolia

The threshold

$ 54.00

Also known as the “baby rubber plant,” this office-friendly houseplant has thick green leaves that produce tiny white flowers with little DC. In fact, all you have to do is water it weekly (or bi-weekly if you have to) and give it indirect sunlight.

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Bird’s Nest Fern

American Plant Exchange

$ 21.99


Elegant orchid

1-800 flowers

$ 38.49

Orchids may be easier to care for than the other houseplants on this list, but at least you won’t have to worry about your cat’s health if they take a bite. It will arrive on your door with fresh flowers, but don’t be alarmed if they fall off about three months later. Orchids have to harvest their energy by the time they bloom next year.


Money tree

Costa farms

$ 31.99

Place this mini-tree in any room to give it a tropical feel thanks to its braided stem and palm-like leaves. According to the old Feng Shui philosophy, it should not only be incredibly low-maintenance for the owner, but also bring positive energy and good luck.


Cat grass

Flower landscape

$ 35.00

This grassy green was literally designed for cats: your cat can eat this herb for a nutritious treat. Make sure you keep it away from other houseplants so it knows that this is the only one they’re supposed to actually eat.


Red prayer plant

Hirts Gardens

$ 16.00

The eye-catching stripes on the leaves make this plant a standout feature in any room, especially if it has a fairly neutral color palette. Just make sure it’s in a sunny spot, keep the soil moist, and spray the leaves once a week.


Salon palm

The threshold

$ 37.00

This palm may not grow coconuts or dates like some of the other varieties, but it is just as noticeable: it grows well over two meters tall over time. It’s pretty resilient so make sure it gets plenty of direct sun and water once a week.



Costa farms

$ 33.99

Just as the bright red center begins to wither, you will see baby bromeliads (also called “pups”) appear around the base of the plant. That means you don’t have to go without a flower for too long. For ideal growing conditions, keep it in an open space with indirect sunlight and water it when the soil feels dry to the touch.


Pilea peperomioides

The threshold

$ 35.00

Some see pancakes, others see UFOs, but we only see adorable coin-shaped leaves on this beauty. Water it weekly and set it on a windowsill so it can take in plenty of direct sunlight.


Kimberly Queen Fern

Flower landscape

$ 65.00

Even if you put this plant in a hanging basket to keep it out of reach, you know your cat will find a way to get hold of its fronds. However, if you want to limit the chance of plants hanging up, put it in a pot in a room with little to partial sunlight and water it as soon as you notice bright green leaves.


Calathea Freddie

Flower landscape

$ 35.00

The contrasting stripes really make an impression. Similar to the variety with the red veins, the leaves close like hands in prayer in the evening and open again as soon as daylight breaks in. This houseplant needs more consistency. So be sure to keep the soil moist and move it to a light spot in your house.


Ionantha Guatemala air plants


$ 4.95

If you have little space, let air plants hang in planters or display them in small terrariums. Be careful with the watering process: immerse the air plants in room temperature water every two weeks, then spray them regularly.

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