11 Pet Cats and Canine Accessible for Adoption on Lengthy Island

Purring about how to find the perfect companion? Contact one of these local rescue / emergency shelters and they will be happy to find you as your new best friend!

Available for adoption at the Hempstead City Animal Shelter


Orbit is a 2 year old arrival who was found alone in a Lowe parking lot and taken to the shelter by a police officer. Oddly enough, the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter receives a lot of dogs from this lot, so they don’t know if it was really lost or dumped. In any case, he is now safe and ready to be at home forever. Orbit is very friendly when you meet new people and has a lot of energy. Hence, an active and savvy home is ideal for this handsome boy. Orbit plays with toys and knows the commands “sit” and “sit down”. He’s also interested in meeting dogs, but doesn’t seem sure how to get respectfully involved. For more information on the introduction of Orbit, contact the shelter at 516-785-5220.
or by email to adoption@tohmail.org.

Available for adoption at All About Spay Neuter


Super cute Cory was rescued from an alley in Queens looking for something to eat. This guy’s sweetheart is really just looking for a nice warm bed to call himself. That and someone who loves him and takes care of him and he would be ready. If you’d like to meet Cory please call Alicia at 516-984-4525 or send a text message.

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter

Pudding and Ritz

Pudding is a black and white male long hair mix for men and Ritz is an orange, short haired household hair mix for women. Both kittens are around eight to ten months old, and both were raised in a cat hoarding situation with very little human interaction. They can be shy at times, but they act boldly when together. Pudding and Ritz need a quiet home with a lot of love and patience so that they can get out of their bowls. You would prefer a home without dogs or children, but could live in a home with other cats. They want to be adopted together. If these two sound like kitties to you, call 631-360-7575 today for more information!

Available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue


** Special request ** Chatterbox is such a handsome, long-haired guy who longs for a home of his own. His backstory is a bit sad; He was one of many kittens born in the yard of a woman who adamantly says the cats and kittens are hers but refuses to neuter or examine any, even with the help of the city shelter. Another neighbor secretly TNR’ed some of these cats, but when she gets them they are well past the age of taming. Chatterbox, no older than 4 years old, must have been one of the kittens taken in by the woman who allowed this rampant breeding to continue. He was a friendly indoor / outdoor cat and blended in with the rest of the colony.

Chatterbox is very friendly; He talks to you and rubs and gives kisses. Picking him up is never a problem. Chatterbox tested positive for FIV (cat immunodeficiency) twice, which is why it was not scooped up in a flash. FIV positive cats can lead long, healthy lives. Hopefully someone will be impressed by his charms and chatter. FIV is not spread through casual contact with healthy cats. The usual method of transmission is through deep bites.

For more information on introducing Chatterbox, contact Last Hope at lasthopeanimalrescue.org.

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


Who needs a lazy day nap partner? One year old Shalby (Assumption # H210292) is actively looking for a soulmate to share some downtime and would be happy if most of the day was earache and chin scratching. NSALA’s vet team loved this cutie and helped him get the attention he needed to get him back to health. Shalby is looking forward to more freedom and lazy days. You will never feel judged by Shalby when you want to relax on the sofa next to him. In fact, he would prefer if you did!


Five year old Rooney (Assumption # T105341) It may look like he had some tough times outside, but his best days are ahead of him. This tender Tennessee rescue needed help with a paw injury when he arrived, and thanks to donors from NSALA Help Me Heal, he received the necessary care from our medical team to get him back on all four paws and find a safe place to land . His wonderful round cheeks are there for day-long scratches, which he will thankfully round up to make up for all the times in which he has not received this tender, loving care. You will find that Rooney received his new, safer life quite well. He even enjoyed having a nail cut! We are looking for peace and quiet for our little survivor, a peaceful home with children (aged six and over). Such a beloved boy deserves the best, and when you meet him you will agree!


Walter (Assumption # BF3700) He was unlucky to fend for himself at the local farms this winter, trying to find food. His luck changed when he was in the yard of a skilled savior who was delighted to bring him to us and see if he would like to have a better life. Both agreed that the security of living indoors matched his calm demeanor better. This sweet one-year-old, who is now comfortably settling in Bianca’s Furian Friends Feline Adoption Center, is enjoying a relaxing nap, interrupted by vigorous chin massages. Walter is FIV + because of his time outdoors, but the promise of safe indoor living means long, healthy living with a devoted family. A household with older children will guarantee them a comfortable transition to their new lifestyle.


bandit (Assumption # G23364) got a lot of excitement in his first year on earth and recently got out of a crowded Georgia urban animal shelter. This beautiful, loving tabby wants to get off the roller coaster he rode and exchange it for a quieter life … maybe in a house (with children aged 12 and over) and maybe a quiet cat friend that he makes friends with domestic life down. Bandito likes to observe new situations before jumping in at game time so that a gentle human hand and another cat paw build his confidence when he becomes an adorable part of your family!


Shy panda (Assumption # NCR5901) Likes to sit in his cozy closet by the window and look around as he ponders how far he has traveled to get to the safe, sunny spot he enjoys at Bianca’s Fian Adoption Center, Furry Friends. Although this docile two-year-old boy does not seek attention, he welcomes her with a grateful heart. Panda’s long journey from a southern urban shelter is not his last stop. Panda is looking for a peaceful home with windows and chin massages to enjoy. That doesn’t sound like an unreasonable wish list, does it?


Gizelle(Assumption # NCR5932) has taken a little time and reassurance since coming from NSALA’s southern shelter partners who need a fresh start. This beautiful two year old woman longs for peace, tranquility, and understanding from her human friends. When she was offered a place in a quiet room, she brightened up, knowing that she was finally safe and sound. Gizelle can take the time it needs to regain confidence. We would love to offer her a peaceful home with children (6 years and older) to help her let go of her fear. Just a little gentle encouragement is all she needs from you to know that she is safe forever.

Contact DoritS@animalleague.org to learn more about adopting one of NSALA’s adorable adoptive members!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop … pass it on!

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