10 Places Around Boston To Take Your Dog

From parks and (open-air) museums to boats and beer gardens.

Photo courtesy Night Shift Brewing

We all know that one ray of hope in the last 16 months: uninterrupted quality time with your four-legged one-legged friend. And even if the world returns to a new normal, you won’t leave Spot behind; separation anxiety would be just too deep (for you, of course). Luckily, with summer officially there are plenty of dog-friendly spots across the city, from parks and (open-air) museums to boats and beer gardens. The one crap? The city of Boston is sticking to its COVID-era ban on dogs in outdoor drinking and dining rooms, so the city’s yapping hours are suspended for the time being. Here’s everything you and your pooch can still go together this summer:


We have no doubt that over the past year you have given some tips while hanging out with your pup, but now is the time to do so in public and seriously improve your beer selections while you are at it. The terrace of this prestigious brewery, which opened the Everett Brewery renaissance, invites puppies of all sizes to come along as you indulge in a food truck meal and summer-friendly home-made ales from the Easy Drinking menu.

Emily Hagen


Some shells outdoors with your four-legged bubuleh? We can’t think of anything more edifying this summer. Island Creek Oyster Farm has reopened its seasonal outdoor bar and hangout in Duxbury, serving beer and wine, canned cocktails, canned fish, and of course peeled oysters galore (with the occasional lobster roll pop-up) with a view of the water . . Dogs on a leash are not only welcome, they are practically a matter of course; just check out hers Instagram account as proof.

Union Square

Shopping with your wheezing boo is again an option as Bow Market retail stores are largely open again and often let dogs in on request. After you’ve made up for your shopping spree (it’s been a while!), You can take a seat in the courtyard, send your company out for wine and vittles and turn it into an unconventional family afternoon.

Photo courtesy Christina Orso / Cambridge Brewing Company

Kendall Square

This robust brewery invites connoisseurs to bring their four-legged friends to their terrace for a relaxing afternoon to drink, sunbathe and chill out. As soon as you have sat down, the waitress also offers to bring a dog bowl for your fur baby. People can choose from the wide beer menu that caters to the most varied of tastes, from the in-house lager to the Groove is in the Heart Hibiskus Gose beer to the Death & the Maiden Baltic Porter.

Cape Cod

Forty miles of breathtaking sand, and it’s all takeaway (kind of) Fido’s. In fact, it is so breathtaking that John F. Kennedy himself recognized the attractiveness of this stretch of coast and declared it a national park in the 1960s. This is a huge, beautiful beach with towering dunes, intimidating waves, and endless views in every direction. During normal times, leashed dogs are allowed in non-rescue areas year round, however this year the north side of the beach is currently closed to puppies to protect the nesting seabirds. Wellfleet Center, about four miles away, is the place to be for a proper dinner with your pup Macs on the pier, a snack right on the water, is your ticket to lobster in the rough.



Pet parents know that weekend plans are better when shared with your dog. And just like playing in the park or walking around a dog-friendly brewery will bond with your pup, so can the meal. CESAR® Dry supports small dog health with 26 essential nutrients, contains real meat as the first ingredient and comes in a 100% complete and balanced dry food format for convenient feeding. In addition, your dog will be pampered every day with flavors such as filet mignon and rotisserie chicken.

Jamaica plain

This green landscape attracts all small and large creatures. Visiting the arboretum is a breeze, with 15,000 plants and 4,000 trees blooming year-round – so you can both sniff for an afternoon. Hike Hemlock Hill, then spread a blanket under a tree for outdoor cuddling.

Photo by Stephanie Pernice

South end

From the water bowl at the main entrance to the numerous dog treats sellers, this year-round indoor bazaar is a shopping dream for puppies. Be sure to discover the myriad of vintage dog photos and accessories. Customers have even bought vintage suitcases to convert into dog beds.

Different places

Can Bark Twain handle a small boat ride? Paddle Boston rents kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards at various locations along the Charles River and invites you to board your water dog. Some places even offer dog lifeboats. You can go alone or book one of their tours like the Boston Harbor Tour or the Sunset and City Lights Kayak Tour.

Photo courtesy deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum


If you prefer some oversized art with your dog walk, spend an afternoon wandering this museum’s 30 acre sculpture park, the largest of its kind in New England. Allow yourself and the subwoofer a good two hours to explore the 60 large installations online in advance). Oh, and always keep your puppy on a leash.


It is literally ground zero for any regional dog walker as this is one of the rare areas where all dogs are welcome both on and off leash – and each visitor is allowed up to four dogs. The 2,200 hectare open space invites you to sniff, explore, socialize with puppies and roll around extensively – just no digging and no hunting for wild animals.

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